Bus Simulator 21 Torrent Download (Incl. Multiplayer)

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Experience the daily life of a bus driver in two open world cities either in the USA or Europe. Drive up to 30 licensed buses by international manufacturers, including a double-decker and e-buses. Take your passengers to their destinations safely and on time – either in single- or multiplayer mode.


    • Make sure you have a VPN when downloading torrents otherwise your ISP can potentially warn you!



      • 1. Download qBittorrent or a Torrent Client of your choice. You can get qBittorrent here).
      • 2. Click the green ‘Torrent’ button below and click ok. Right click the torrent click bandwidth allocation and set to High.
      • 3. Once BUS SIMULATOR 21 is finished downloading, double click setup.exe and make sure you have Copy contents of CODEX directory to gamedir or Copy Crack ticked.
      • 4. Once its installed, run the shortcut as administrator and Enjoy!
      • Make sure you install DirectX and the latest .NET Framework before you launch the game.


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