Powerful Love Spell To Bring Back Lover

Spell to bring back lover

Water is one of the most widely used magic spell ingredients. Today it’s used as often as in ancient times. There is one nuance though which I, spellcaster Maxim https://spellshelp.com/Spellsbook/Love-spells/the-best-bring-back-lost-love-spells-by-powerful-spellcaster-maxim, have to tell you about. Most types of water accessible today are unsuitable for magic rituals, including the spell to bring back a lover which you will find out more about as you continue to read this article.

For example, tap water. Purified and with added chemical substances, it has no natural energy left and therefore is useless in magic rituals. In some areas water is so contaminated that it’s dangerous to drink. Bottled water can’t be used in sorcery either for the same reason – it doesn’t have the energy needed to influence another human being. Well water is generally unsuitable too, especially water from wells which are often used by people and located in densely populated areas.

Spell-to-bring-back-exThe best type of water for a magic spell is spring water. Spells cast with the use of all the other types of water usually turn out to be a waste of time and energy. To get some spring water for your ritual, go to the country and find a natural water spring. Bring some spring water home in a silver flask with your loved one’s name scratched with something sharp on one side, the date when you fought scratched on the other side, and your name scratched on the bottom.

Bring the water home to cast your love spell to get ex back. If the flask is leaking, seal it with some hot wax. Dip a bandage roll in wax if needed and apply it to the leak. Just make sure to use special magic candles to get hot wax. Then carry the flask with you for two weeks wherever you go, including when you go to the bathroom. At night keep it next to you on your bed.

Before we go on, I spellcaster Maxim, want to tell you in which circumstances you can’t use this love spell to your advantage. You can’t use this love spell if:

- You were caught cheating which is why you split up;

- You abused your beloved, physically or emotionally;

- You’ve had sex with more than three different partners since the breakup;

- You want to get your spouse back but were the one who filed for a divorce;

- You want to get your ex back because of his money and the lifestyle he can provide;

- Either one of you has a baby with a third party;

- You have one or more mental disorders.

Bring back lost love spells

The bring back lost love spell is cast only when the moon is waxing. If you haven’t completed the spell before the moon entered the next phase, take a break. When a new moon appears in the sky (I, spellcaster Maxim, consider this rule to be one of the most important for this type of spells), continue your ritual from where you stopped.

Eat vegan for one week, abstaining from meat, fish, dairy, eggs, etc. Smoking and drinking alcohol is not allowed either.

At the beginning of the second week prepare a special plate which you personally purchased at a tableware store. Plates borrowed from someone, received as a gift, found at the apartment you’re renting, or left after your deceased relative must not be used in magic rituals. Now decide what you want your relationship to be based on – intellectual compatibility, love or sex. Remember that intellectual compatibility comes from the head, a love-based relationship comes from the chest, and a relationship based on sex comes from the area around your genitals, including the thighs and the area under the belly button.

Powerful love spell to bring him backNow drink a lot of water every day and get sweaty. To get sweaty, work out or go to a sauna. If you decide to exercise in order to sweat, don’t wear any gym clothes or underwear because you’ll need to collect sweat from your body with a wooden knife or spatula. If you want your relationship to be based on one of the three things as specified above, collect the sweat from the corresponding area. If you want it to be based on all three things at the same time, collect sweat from your whole body.

Transfer your sweat into the plate. When it dries out, there should be some salt left. Once you have at least one pinch of salt, you may start your ritual.

Wait for the evening. Make sure you’re home alone. Take your clothes off. Get sweaty again. You don’t need to collect your sweat now but don’t wipe it off either. Light a candle. Take your flask with the water, remove the wax (if applicable). Use your fingers to transfer the salt into the water. Now take a handkerchief, wipe off your sweat with it, and wring it over the flask. You should see seven drops of sweat fall into the water.

Repeat three times:

“Love potion is strong, love potion is magical, love potion is being made by me (your name).

One sip and your (the target’s name) memory will be cleared, with the past dying in it.

One more sip and love for me (your name) will appear in your (the target’s name) soul.

One more sip and your (the target’s name) legs will carry you to me (your name); and your (the target’s name) arms will embrace me (your name).

May the night help me. May my love help me. The strength of my spell is my desire to be with you.”

Shake the flask for the salt to dissolve. Close it. Put it in your bed. Now let your love potion stand. This is how you do love spells work get ex back. Carry the flask with you for seven days wherever you go.

By the way, if you have to go to work or a grocery store within the 7-day period, carry the flask in your purse and keep it in your office drawer or on a chair next to you. Make sure the distance between you and the flask never exceeds 3 meters. If it does, “infuse” your love potion for one more day.

Powerful love spell to bring him back

This powerful love spell to bring him back will start working when you add some of your love potion into the beverage of your ex-lover. If you manage to make your beloved drink it three times, you’ll see first results.   

I, spellcaster Maxim, have written many articles about home magic and why it doesn’t work, as well as how beginning spell casters can reach better results. I’ve also told you repeatedly that you shouldn’t worry if your love spells to make him come back fail, and just contact me instead. I’ll perform a special ritual on the energy waves you’ve created and make your ex come back to you, provided you’re not in the high-risk group and need only special love spells for lost or destroyed love.

Don’t hesitate to contact me any time! I look forward to helping you!